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IHP Climate Change Spring 2016 – Vietnam

Letter Home from Vietnam   Upon arrival in Hanoi, we went to a restaurant that served us many different foods and everyone had to brush the dust off of their chopstick skills. Some food was dropped into soy sauce and many laughs were shared at the struggle of getting used to our new utensils. We […]

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IHP Human Rights Spring 2016 – Nepal

“Letter Home” Nepal Country Team IHP Human Rights Spring 2016   Introduction                                 It is important to start out by saying that this “letter” is by no means an attempt to condense Nepal, speak on behalf of Nepali people, or detail a universal “Nepali experience.” We did not experience all of Nepal, and that […]

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IHP Health and Community Track 2 Spring 2016 – Vietnam

Dear Friends and Family of the Northern Hemisphere,   Hello from the southern side of the equator! We thought we’d fill you in on our first international leg of this semester, in Vietnam.   We spent our first week in Lac Village, a rural area with rice paddies as far as the eye could see, […]

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IHP Cities in the 21st Century Spring 2016 – India

IHP Cities Spring 2016   Dear Home,   When asked to describe her experience in India using just one word, a fellow student simply stated, “sensory.” We found this incredibly apt—Ahmedabad, India, captures and entrances every sense, overwhelming you with sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feels. One of our first rickshaw rides encapsulated this perfectly. […]

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IHP Health and Community Track 1 Spring 2016 – India

Hello! The month of February was spent in the place of our first international adventure: India. With a population of 1.2 billion, there was never a dull or boring moment as we got to enjoy the full sensory experience of this beautiful country. As soon as we arrived, the entire team including Rajashree and Abid-Ji, […]

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IHP Health and Community Track 2 Spring 2016 – A student reflection

Team USA Letter Home Written by: Laura McIntyre   Hey Mom and Dad, I’m writing this letter to you from a rooftop café in Hanoi, Vietnam. It is 80 degrees, and I’m here with two of the other girls on the program. This café has become one of our staple spots to hang out and […]

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